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Product warranty

All Hancept products come with a 1-year hardware repair warranty through genuine product guarantee and up to 30 days of free support.

Authenticity Guarantee

All Hancept products are given a unique serial number and are always tracked. This serial number verifies the authenticity of the product, repair history, user warranty, and more. Owning a product from Hancept is not just using one of the mass-produced products. Each product exists for its own owner, who will always be managed and supported as our VIP at all times. The serial number is on the last page of the manual.

Repair guarantee

We guarantee a complete repair for all breakdowns and problems that occur during daily use following the instructions in the manual. Repairs are made by replacement of parts of the same color and material, and you cannot choose a different color and material. Also, it is not guaranteed for bending, breaking, or external damage caused by external physical force and impact.

Hancept Care

After you sign-up Hancept Care which is a free membership program, the warranty extends to two years from your original purchase date. Hancept Care must be signed up with-in 1year of hardware repair coverage. To sign up, there is a form at the bottom of this page.

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